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Rectangular Duct


S/D - Slips & Drives Connection.

4S - 4 Slips Connection.

Raw - No Connection System.

1"FL Out - 1 Inch Flange Out.

1"FL In - 1 Inch Flange In.

DM - Duct Mate Connection.

TDC - 4 Corners Bolts Connection.

WMS - Wire Mesh Screen.

V/D - Volume Damper.

A/D - Access Door.

AL - Acoustical lining.

FO - Flat Oval.

Ø - Round.

BF - Bottom Flat.

BD - Bottom Down.

BU - Bottom Up.

TF - Top Flat.

TD - Top Down.

TU - Top Up

CL - Center Line

Round & Flat Oval Duct

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