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Additional Products

Steel Stands (Custom made for any size of equipment, made out of Cold Rolled steel angle).

Vibration Isolator's (Available for ceiling or floor mounted units, By Vimco).

Drip Pan (Available in galvanized or stainless steel, any gauge and size required, welded corners).

Dampers (Volume Dampers, Fire Dampers,Fire Smoke Dampers, Back Draft Dampers, Motorized Dampers, Cable Operated Dampers, any size available within five days production).

Air Outlets (By Lima)

Hardware (Access Doors, Strut channels, Angles, Threaded rods, Duct mate, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Beam Clamps, Double expansions, Hammer drive nail-ins, Epoxy, Screws and more).

Standard Fittings (Snap lock round & oval, Adjustable elbows, Oval Flat & Vertical Elbows, Takeoff's, Collars, Side and top Diffusers boxes, Floor boxes, Tees, Oval Stackhead Boxes).

Flexible Duct (Insulated 4"-20", Comes in a boxes of 25', 36"-48" Cable Ties available as well as Foil Tape and FSK Tape).

Our Round Duct Department

With our  state-of-the-art fabricating equipment that includes, Spiral machine, Ovalizer and special welding machines, Our spiral duct and fittings will meet all the standards for any plan and spec job in the united states. 

Insulated single wall, Perforated double wall.

Duct Liner  (Available for all rectangular and spiral ductwork)

Available at 1/2" - 2" thickness.

Fiberglass Type Using OC or Manson

Elastomeric Type Using Aerocel By Aeroflex USA

Within our spiral duct you can find

Straight round spiral duct (Fabricating  new on spot as per needed. up to 120" long, Flanges available).

Straight flat oval spiral duct (Fabricating  new, on spot as per needed. up to 120" long, Flanges available).

Fittings(Round & Flat oval Fittings in any shape or size, Rectangular to round or flat oval transitions, Flanges available ).

Stainless Steel Exhaust duct (Includes up to 50" pipes and fittings ).

Our Rectangular Duct Department

For all your ductwork needs, with years of experience, Our expert team will provide the best service, starting from the estimate, if you would like to base your quote on a shop drawing or a bill of material. through the coordination and reviewing your drawing in an additional eye, programs to the perfect marked product you'll receive in your job site, ready for an easy installation.

Within our rectangular ductwork you can find:

Full Straight duct (using full coil line machine).

Fittings (In any shape and size required).

Plenum Boxes (For Commercial and Residential equipment's, Linear diffuser's ).

Subducts (Meets all engineers requirements).

Grease Duct (Heavy Duty Welded, Cold rolled steel duct).

Canvas Connectors (Any Size needed, Available in Stainless Steel as well).

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